5 Project Management Skills That Will Help You Thrive!


Do you want to be a successful project manager in 2021? Here are some of the most important project management skills to learn.


As a project manager, you are in the driver’s seat. You must lead not only from an operational standpoint, but also from a strategic standpoint. This means you’ll have to not only manage people, but also inspire them to follow your vision by leading by example. You don’t want to be a dictator who simply orders people around. People are drawn to those who get their hands dirty and join them in the trenches. In addition, you will need to provide direction, empathy, and coaching to your subordinates so that they can complete tasks more quickly. You can be an excellent project manager if you possess these leadership qualities.


Project management requires effective communication. In fact, communication takes up the majority of the project manager’s time. The project manager will never be able to succeed unless they have excellent communication skills. Why? Because you can’t expect your team members to perform as you expect them to if you haven’t communicated their roles to them. Communicate your vision, ideas, and goals, as well as the challenges, and they will assist you in achieving your project objectives.

Time Management

Projects have deadlines that are getting shorter and shorter as time goes on. When you factor in the number of projects that are running at the same time, project managers have their work cut out for them. They will have to juggle multiple balls at the same time without dropping any of them, which they will only be able to do if they have excellent time management skills and are familiar with time management techniques. They can easily lose sight of the goal when they have so many things on their plate at once. This is where a task management tool can be useful. It allows you to keep track of deadlines and ensure that tasks are completed on time, allowing you to finish the project ahead of schedule.

Cost Management

In the project management triangle, one of the three constraints is cost. This means that the project’s cost is heavily influenced by its scope and timeline. If the scope of your project grows out of proportion, it will not only miss its deadline, but it will also go over budget. Project cost management is a skill that successful project managers have mastered. They estimate the cost of each activity, allocate resources, and implement cost-control measures to ensure that their project does not go over budget.


A project’s stakeholders can range from a few to many, depending on its size and complexity. It is your responsibility as a project manager to ensure that all project stakeholders are on the same page. You’ll be negotiating with them all the time. Your negotiating skills will be put to the test at that point. Negotiation skills are more than just haggling with vendors to get the best price; they extend far beyond that.

For example, your client may request additional features in the middle of the project. You know that if you comply with their request, the scope of your project will balloon out of proportion, causing your projects to miss deadlines and budget. You’ll have to work with them to come up with a solution that benefits both of you.

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