5 Must-know time management strategies!


he best thing to focus on as a project manager is to push the project to success. That is one of the most and perhaps the most critical factors to remember is that the project is completed on time.

If we examine the failed projects in the past, we will find how “project is not delivered on time” is one of the most influential explanations for failure that stands out. This makes it important to ensure that we implement effective project time management strategies for the success of the project.

The most important Time Management Strategies are:

  1. Define Activities: Once the scope of the work is established, it has to be broken down into smaller work units (WBS), and further into comprehensive tasks. All allocation & tracking of the work is focused on this WBS. You need to manage the Activity List & Activity Attributes for the same.
  2. Sequence Activities: Identify dependencies, Prepone (Lead)/Postpone (Lag), as required, and sequence activities.
  3. Estimate Effort: It is important to evaluate each activity, and determine the effort or duration needed. There are multiple estimation techniques that can be used to get the estimates of effort for each activity.
  4. Develop Schedule: Using the output of the above 3, an appropriate schedule will be generated in the form of a network diagram. If the draft is formed, by applying resource optimization and scheduling compression techniques as appropriate, we must make it more realistic and accurate.
  5. Control Schedule: When the final schedule and the rest of the plan have now been developed, we must ensure that we are on track as a schedule and the rest of the plan as well. When we are at some point in time off schedule, we need to apply schedule compression techniques (fast-tracking, crashing, etc.) to get the project back on track.

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