14 Steps to ace your CAPM Certification exam!

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CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) is the entry-level certification introduced in 2003, granted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In order to achieve this CAPM one must clear its professional certification exam. Mentioned-below are some tips to help you ace this exam!

  1. Make a solid study plan.
  2. Acquire a copy of the CAPM Handbook and read it.
  3. Purchase (or borrow) the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition and read it top to bottom.
  4. Be informed of the entire certification process as well as the requirements you must follow.
  5. Finish the application procedure.
  6. Plan ahead of time for your exam. Choose a day and date where nothing else would demand your undivided attention.
  7. Establish a rigid examination and preparation plan. Give yourself plenty of time and effort to thoroughly comprehend the PMBOK Guide’s core principles, methods, and terminologies.
  8. Understand the structure and mechanics of the CAPM exam.
  9. Don’t put all of your focus on one chapter of the PMBOK Guide. Since the exam usually distributes questions evenly through chapters, make sure to master the entire guide.
  10. Think of and use learning aids like the PMI-CAPM Exam Prep smartphone app.
  11. Whenever possible, participate in approved CAPM preparatory courses.
  12. On exam day, clear your head of any unnecessary clutter.
  13. Pay careful attention to the questions on the exam. It’s likely that they’re trick questions, so double-check your answers.
  14. Hope for the better but be prepared for the worst (remember, you have two more chances if the first the first one.) Ready to get certified?

You can definitely make it in project management without a certification, but getting one can help you in a few key ways. Some of these include career advancement, salary increases, and preferential treatment in job recruitment. Perhaps importantly, knowing that you’ve passed an industry-recognized examination boosts your personality and professional pride.

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