Hi Team,

My regrets for late update since I was caught up with deadlines. 

The whole team is inspirational and we usually get a push every time each one you pass the exam and conquer the peaks.

I’d like to share good news too as I also passed the exam this 14th. I took a week off from office and just prepared for exam as a project. Prepared my plan targeted study and practice questions. Splitted the days accordingly and went attacked the exam… and by the Grace of God, prayers of my family hard work and all the combined efforts by the team (Hemant, Dave and Rachel), I was able to overcome this challenge and completed project with success!!!

As Chidi and Manish mentioned, exam was tough but as far as concepts are clear and you’re familiar with what happens in the backend; you’ll be able to understand the situation and be able to easily eliminate choices and can focus the correct one.

I just followed the course material by EE, all the advice and followed the same sprint pattern.

Exam Tips:

– 90% PMP Exam questions are situational, so prepare yourself and practice accordingly. 
– There are several free mock exams available online and practiced them like Oliver, 175, 75 and then EE 200 I also practiced Rita simulator
– You need to know your 47 processes and identify them while reading a questions, this will help you identify the right answer. (this was great tip by Hemant & Dave) 
– There were almost around 15 formulas based questions including quality and schedule
– I was stressed as I completed 200 question in 3:10 and then still had to review marked questions. I ended up reading most questions twice. (sorry)
– I would really stress please be mindful of time. I didn’t take any break though and was able to do 1 cycle of 200 questions; then 2 cycle to finish incomplete questions and final 3rd cycle to complete marked questions. 3:45 all done.
– I took vacation from 7-11 Aug, schedule exam for 14-Aug noon; I studied almost an average of 8 hours / day from 5-Aug until 13-Aug

I’d like to thank EE team, Hemant, Dave and Rachel for providing such an awesome experience and wonderful training. Also, you all for being there and supportive and we went through this journey as a team.

Also, I cannot forget those snacks and food every time and then personal attention, tips and tricks….
All worth it!!!

Now, I’d strongly suggest…
Don’t leave it guys you’re almost there you just need another push; just schedule your exam, make a plan, get to a schedule and get over it.

All the best for your exams.

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