9 Easy Tips for PMP Exam

Project Management Professionals (PMP) is one of the 8 recognized certifications offered by the well-known Project Management Institute (PMI). There is a definite salary raise and a growth in the career once you get hold of the certification. The candidates who clear the PMP Exam are portrayed as the one with great project management skills.

On average, it takes around 2-3 months to prepare and attain certification. Below are tips for PMP Exam that may help you make a strategy and deal with the examination and help you achieve the certification. Make sure you go through the 7th and 9th step as people often tend to forget them.


  1. Proceed with a custom study plan. The exam tests you on the five domains and different knowledge areas. Make a plan so as you have enough time to go through all the domains. This also includes time management for mock tests, online forums and other examination tools. Without the study plan, the chances of success drop.


  1. Must have a clear understanding of the concepts. The PMP exam tests your knowledge on project management concepts and theories in the real life based scenarios. Have a clear and thorough understanding of all the domains that will help you tackle all the 200 questions easily. Make flash cards that will actively help you with the topics at a glance.


  1. Get to know about the PMP Exam. The PMBOK Guide contains perquisites and an overview of the certification along with the time allotted for the examination and the types of questions. The examination consists of 200 multiple-choice questions out of which 175 are scored and the rest 25 unscored. The time allotted to you will be 4 hours with no scheduled breaks.


  1. Take the required PMP Exam prep-course. The training covers and deals with various aspects, ranging from project initiation and planning, how to execute, control and close the project to management responsibilities, etc. There are numerous types of training provided today; some of the basic ones include live/online training, hybrid training and classroom training.


  1. Take mock tests and practice exams. Advance with a solid study plan and work schedule. Complete the set targets as you proceed and take as many mock tests as possible. There are several trusted sources over the web that can provide you sample question which comes along with tips for PMP exam.


  1. Join the PMP online community. Find online verified PMP Forums that shares the certification experience of the candidates and certified professionals. The forums serve as both motivation and preparation for the exam and guide you through the process.



  1. Take help of simulator and tools. Attending PMP workshops, Project Management training, seminars, and other PMP Courses options can further enhance your knowledge of the subject. Podcasts and other applications are also available that are easy to carry around and have access to the PMP guidelines and content.


  1. Have an exam-day preparation plan. Check the PMP Handbook and make sure that you have everything that you need for the exam. Also, make sure you are well rested and calm and avoid any last minute reading. Do a selective reading instead, if you think it is important to do a final review. Be on time at the exam site, as the candidates may not be admitted if they are late.


  1. Make sure to have a clear mind throughout the exam. This is one of the most important tips for PMP exam. Clear your mind during the exam and stay focused. Answer all the questions, manage them accordingly. Avoid spending too much time on a single question, mark the doubtful ones and reserve the last 15 minutes to review them. Read all the options before choosing the answer. The PMP exam consists of a total of 200 questions that are often tricky and usually, it takes time to get comfortable with them.


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