Road less Traveled, Journey from Good to Great

We are the crazy ones, the trouble makes, the misfits, the ones that are not happy with the status quo, the round pigs of the square holes. What ever the world may deem us to be, but it is evident that there is no rule that we follow except one rule – be the best. For me, I am in the audience of many geniuses and I have heard often that one is enough to change the world, with 9 other additions soon to the ever growing flock, really ” God Save the World”.
Happiness was and is no one’s territory, being happy is a feeling of being perfect, it’s no space, no place, no matter or time. All we need to do is time it well. Do not ever let the intersection of knowledge, learning and experience slip away again. Make no mistake, opportunity once gone, seldom come back again. You have trusted me by allowing me to pave a path and with the mutual trust we have walked this dream. I am a dreamer, always have been, when had to sleep empty stomach, I dreamed with eyes wide open and when the circumstances changed for good, I dream harder for me and with you all. I cannot state how grateful I am, as it is your audience that has compelled me to work harder.
Don’t forget to establish a personal compass ad that is the must. Start your work on building 5 spokes to this compass. The most important spoke in adult life is to have a career or a job that we love doing, as it is the work where we spend almost 60% of our adult life. If this time is not spent well or makes us unhappy, trust me we will make others around us including our dear ones unhappy. The great thing is we have taken care of this aspect and for a few this is work in progress. Once we have a happy career, now the second spoke of finances and security automatically gets established, if it is still not, make sure we work on it. At this time the third spoke of relationships flourishes, which in turn leads to the fourth spoke of having fun in the true sense. Now at this time it is our responsibility to establish the fifth spoke to our personal compass, giving back
In the end an excerpt from an interview, one of its kind, when for the first time the two giants of modern world technology, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came together just a few months before Steve Jobs passed away. When Steve Jobs was asked how would he define his relationship with Bill Gates, he had all great things to say about Bill Gates but what stuck with me was ” You and I have memories that stretch longer than the road ahead. 
I wish you progression, happiness, joy and bliss. I hope that you will keep the learning alive and stretch you wings a little broader. I truly hope that the journey of change that you started will be ever more adventurous, exciting, challenging and at times difficult as in difficulty comes an opportunity as it is the true test of our character.
I remain yours truly,


Hemant Dhariyal


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