Quick tips for your PMP Exam prep to ace the certification exam!


Candidates, who extensively go through the PMP Exam prep and clear the daunting exam – obtain the prestigious project management credential. Having a professional certification in your resume has become a must. Project management professionals are widely accepted through industries, where engineering or IT industries are the top sectors that demand certified project managers.

  • Set a timeline: Decide a date and month on which you want to study and start working on it. Prepare for 5-6 months before the date decided to make sure that the analysis is intense 7-8 hours a day. If you are a working professional, 4-5 hours per day for this exam should be reserved. Working professionals profit from practical experience with project management principles and can readily adapt to them. Therefore, learning the definitions will take less time.
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): The book contains all the Guidelines, global standards, and course material needed for the examination. This is known as the bible of Project Management Professionals (PMP).
  • Sample Papers: There are many review posts on the website, study these mock papers and check your weak areas of the subject. This offers a realistic idea of the question/examination structure and where you are in preparation for your certification exam.
  • Prerequisites: Ensure the required requirements for obtaining this qualification are fulfilled or achieved. The basic qualifications of the course include a Bachelor’s degree, a total of 4,500 hours of leadership and project management and 35 hours of formal certification training.
  • Study Smart: Working professionals may not always have the time to sit down and prepare, and so use the Smartphone to access applications relevant to Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Take an online course or join an Institute: It is recommended to take either an online or a standard, classroom course for project management professionals (PMP). In addition to being linked to other practitioners/aspirants, this will help you learn through an immersive cycle. The completion of your PMP training will also get you the Professional Development Units (PDUs) required to clear the certification exam.

It can be hard to break up the PMP, all a little effort and perseverance is required. Stay focused, preserve your handy material and get in touch with like-minded individuals, search the website, and keep calm and positive. Daily, a committed effort is required over five to six months.

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