PMP Training – Filling up the Project Experience in PMP Application

Project Management Experience in the PMP Application

We are in the week 2 of PMP Training. This week we have a critical task to complete in the PMP Application. Below are the best practices to use while entering our project management experience.

We will be entering 3 projects in a sequential order. Each project will have following details:

  1. Project Overview – Provide details such as start and end date of the project, Name of the project, industry, along with manager’s name and capacity. Your role should be listed as Project Manager, Project Lead, Project Co-ordinator or any other similar related role.
  2. Organizational details
  3. Project hours: The best practice around allocating hours to various process groups or phases is as follows. Try to keep your hours within the range provided below:

Initiating – 10% – 12% of your project Duration

Planning – 15% – 25% of your project Duration

Executing – 25% – 40% of your project Duration

Monitoring and Controlling – 15% – 25% of your project Duration

Closing – 5% – 10% of your project Duration

Very IMP: Reporting over 1700 hours for a year may lead to an audit or even dis-approval of the PMP Application.

  1. Description of the project: Keep it focused on what you did as a project manager not what the project was. Please lift and shift the content below to develop project description for all the projects:
  • The purpose of the project was to develop <in 10 words describe the name and purpose>.
  • I was accountable for end to end execution of the project. 
  • Developed project charter & Project Mgmt. Plan along with subsidiary plans.
  • Identified and managed stakeholders, budget, resources, change request & change management. Facilitated resolution of issues & risks & provided status to PMO on CPI, SPI, CV & SV.
  • Delivered the project within scope, time and budget & ensured successful transition with lesson learned.

Follow this approach for all the 3 projects. Please note that timeline for all the 3 projects should be sequential not overlapping. Look at the example below:

Project 1 (most recent): Oct 2017 – Jan 2019- 2200 hours

Your role: Project lead or Project Manager / Project Engineer / Sr. Project Consultant

Project 2: July 2016 – Aug 2017 – 1800 Hours

Project 3: Feb 2015 – June 2016 – 1400 Hours

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