PMBOK 7 PMP Course – All about the PMP Exam cost formulas


PMBOK 7 PMP Course has all the updated guidance for Project Management. PMI announced this PMBOK 7 Edition in August 2021. This PMBOK guide book is the first choice for candidates. Most of the PMP study materials and resources are created using this guide and the 7th edition has everything to pass out of the PMP and CAPM certification exam.

There are the three section in the standard:

  1. Introduction: Standards define the important terms, concepts and other specifics.
  1. A Value Delivery System: This part of the section discusses about how company can create the value and discuss, how governance supports a value delivery system and all internal and external aspect which influence projects and the value delivered and how portfolios, projects, programmes, and products are associated.
  1. Project Management Principles: The section explain and discusses how principles can help us stay on track with our project’s goals by guiding our behaviour and thoughts. Different from the 6th edition, the new PMBOK Guide will start with the standard section instead of the Guide to the Body of Knowledge and the following image summarizes the main distinction between both editions.
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