How hard is the PMP Exam?

The PMP Certification exam is indeed a difficult one to crack. Not because of the knowledge and vast curriculum one has to cover, but because it doesn’t only test your knowledge, but also your ability to apply that knowledge in different practical situations.  The level of difficulty is something that can’t be measured, but for most people it is one of the most challenging exams they have ever written. The level of difficulty depends on how prepared you are for the examination.

What makes the PMP Exam difficult?

  • Breadth and depth of Content:  PMBOK Guide has 10 knowledge areas.
  • Complexity of exam structure: The key to solving questions is to create a mind-map of the PMBOK Guide as the questions cannot be answered solely based on your experience. The questions must be answered according to PMIs standards.
  • Difficulty of Questions: The questions are often scenario based and require you to pick the most correct answer.  The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions (175 scored and 25 pretests (unscored).


PMP Certification Exam content outline:

  • 13% questions on Initiating
  • 24% questions on Planning
  • 31% questions on Executing
  • 25% questions on Monitoring and Controlling
  • 7% questions on Closing


Tips to ace PMP Certification Exam:

  • Have a schedule or plan.
  • Master the PMBOK Guide and refer to study guides.
  • Take Mock tests and solve practice questions.
  • Efficiently use the 35 hour of Project Management training.
  • Connect with other project managers and join PMI.
  • Develop strategy and manage time skills
  • Once prepared, do not delay in scheduling and writing the exam while the content is fresh

How hard is the PMP Exam?  How difficult you find the exam is relative to your level of preparation. The exam assesses your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained.  The certification requires a lot of preparation and a plan to learn and cover the material. It is also advised to not just rely on the PMBOK guide but to take mock tests and review supplementary guides to help you along in your journey.  The exam might be difficult to pass, but definitely not an impossible task.


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