Everything you need to know about PMP Certification


The Project Management Professional (PMI) is a globally renowned credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), for aspiring project managers from across the globe. Recognized across numerous industries, projects managers are an in-demand in nearly every country. In this write-up we will be discussing the basics of the PMP Certification.

PMP certified characterizes a person’s understanding and outstanding excellence in an organization. The qualification advantages one, which is inferior to strategic planning and project coordination. In promotion and jobs, it also offers a separate benefit.

What are the prerequisites for the PMP?

The prerequisites for the PMP majorly depend on two distinct aspects. Firstly, your educational qualifications & secondly, the amount of experience you hold. Below mentioned are 2 scenarios. Enrol through the one, which best suits your profile, work experience & accomplishments.

Scenario 1: 5 Years of Project Management experience

Secondary-level diploma (high-school or equivalent).5+ years of project management experience.7,500 hours of leading & directing projects.35 hours of formal PMP training.

Scenario 2: 3 Years of Project Management experience

Four year degree (bachelor or equivalent).3+ years of project management experience.4,500 hours of leading & directing projects.35 hours of formal PMP training.

Why the strict PMP requirements?

Project management is a renowned career requiring management of project delivery. Project managers must interact with various stakeholders efficiently and be cautious to efficiently control these communications. The project manager also has a working range and must be trained to handle competing requirements at times. Projects may collapse due to misdirected requirements, insufficient communication, or absence of capacity for delivery. In relation to these practical skills, project managers need to know theoretical and technical understanding.

How to prepare for the examination?

The PMP exam features 200 multiple-choice scenario based questions, which are designed to test your skills, expertise & competency level of project management concepts and terminology. First & foremost, you need to be through with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide. Since, 70% of the questions featured in the examination, are referenced from the same guide, makes it a must read.

You must work along a solid study plan. Having a plan can help you determine the time you will take to complete the massive PMP Course. It usually takes 4-5 months to prepare for the examination. You can take help of certain examination tools, such as simulators, to get the pace required to solve 200 MCQs in 4 hours, and mock tests to help you determine the weak areas.

Additional tips & guidelines for examination preparation


You can take help of additional study material, besides the PMBOK guide. Going through them can help you ace the examination, with a comparatively higher score. Also, you can attend seminars and workshops, frequently organized by the PMI. There you can meet certified project managers and aspiring candidates, and can share each other’s reviews and tips, on how to take on the PMP.

Additionally, the PMP training program enhances your confidence & prepares you effectively to tackle the questions in the examination. Make sure you get the 35-hour formal certification training from a PMI authorized training institute.

What is the difficultly level of the PMP examination?

In fact, the PMP exam is a hard one to break. Not because of the expertise and vast curriculum one has to address, but because it does not only test your understanding, but also your capacity to execute the projects in distinct practical circumstances. The level of difficulty is something that can’t be assessed, but for most individuals, it’s one of the toughest tests they’ve ever had. But the amount of trouble relies on how well you’ve prepared for the exam.
Practice is the key.

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