Does a resume template tool help project managers land better jobs?


Finding a project manager position is today as simple as putting a query into a search engine, thanks to the Internet. According to the Project Management Institute, between now and 2020, there will be an estimated 234,883 available project management roles in seven distinct project-intensive industries-but how do you go about getting one of these jobs?

To get a job in project management, you’ll need to first enhance your actions and aspirations so that you can earn the experience you’ll need to do the work successfully. Then you’ll want to focus on one crucial aspect of any job application: your resume. You may set yourself apart from the competition and land the job you want by using a resume template tool and investing in the style and details of your resume.

Emphasizing Hard vs. Soft Skills

While applying for a project manager position, it is critical to emphasise your project management skills.

You must first focus on your hard skills when determining which material to include in your CV. A project manager’s hard skills, which range from task-oriented to practical skills, are critical to his or her success. Hard talents, such as proprietary systems or software applications, can demonstrate hiring managers that you mean business no matter what field you’re applying to.

It’s also crucial to include your soft skills, such as your most venerable personality attributes, which will help you thrive in the role. Soft talents are tough to teach, such as rapid thinking, accountability, and time management. Employers will find you more enticing if you include these on your resume and then follow up with instances of your professional experience.

Listing Your Certifications

Certain certifications or other knowledge-based qualifications are required for project managers to have a high-quality resume. An IT project manager, for example, should be certified in the technology or software system with which they would be working.

If you don’t have any certificates, you should consider getting one or more that are relevant to the sector or career you want. Furthermore, according to Capterra, with only 34.6 percent of project managers holding a Project Management Professional – PMP certification, obtaining one will make a significant impact in your CV and allow you to stand out from the crowd. With a certification, you can show that you’ve invested the time to learn how to be more efficient.

You may set yourself apart from other job hopefuls and land your dream job as a project manager in your industry by stressing your hard and soft skills on your resume and listing your numerous certifications.

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