Business Analyst Salary Montreal: How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Business Analyst Salary Montreal is rising as the demand for business analysts grows in Montreal. In the lively city of Montreal, business analysts play an essential part in determining the efficiency of businesses in a variety of industries and offer high business analyst salary. 

Hence, according to glassdoor the average annual salary of a business analyst ranges from $79,373 to $100,776 per year in Montreal. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about a career as a business analyst in Montreal or are simply interested about the earning possibilities in this industry, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Here you will find out the business analyst salary in Montreal. READ ON!

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Business Analyst Salary Montreal

The average business analyst salary in Montreal is around $79,377 per year (based on 1,112 salaries) or $48.07 per hour while the most experienced workers can earn up to $100,776 per year as per glassdoor. 

Salary for all Business Analyst Jobs in Montreal

Here are the list of Business Analyst Jobs Montreal:

S. No. Job ProfilesRolesPer Hour Salary (as per Job Bank Wage Report)
1.Business Intelligence Analyst
(NOC 41401)
A business intelligence analyst may collect, clean, and analyze data such as revenue, sales, market trends, or customer engagement statistics for a company.Low- $20.00
Medium- $50.52
High- $82.69
2.Business Systems Analyst
(NOC 21221)
A Business Systems Analyst fills the gap between business needs and technology solutions by examining processes and recommending IT enhancements for increased efficiency and effectiveness.Low- $25.00
Medium- $48.08
High- $60.98
3.Operations Research Analyst 
(NOC 21210)
Operations research analysts manage and analyze data in order to enhance business operations, supply chains, pricing systems, and branding.Low- $25.58
Medium- $46.70
High- $71.43
4.Business Management Analyst
(NOC 11201)
A Management Analyst conducts research, collects necessary details, and analyzes data in order to discover issues and suggest solutions. Low- $20.00
Medium- $36.81
High- $69.74
5.Financial Analyst 
(NOC 11101)
The primary responsibility of a Financial Analyst is to assess the organization’s past and current financial data and predict future income and expenditures.Low- $23.00
Medium- $36.92
High- $67.31
6.Business Process Analyst
(NOC 21221)
A business process analyst is responsible for examining company processes and workflows to figure out how they can be better or automated. Low- $25.00
Medium- $43.08
High- $60.98

Why Choose Montreal for Business Analyst Jobs?

There are several reasons to choose Montreal for Business Analyst Jobs, which include:

Job Market Growth: 

Montreal has an excellent job market for business analysts. Hence, this city has a variety of global organizations, financial institutions, and technology firms, all of which require educated employees to analyze data and make profitable choices.

Low-Cost Living: 

Montreal has a lower cost of living than other major North American cities such as New York, Toronto, and San Francisco. This means you can live comfortably without the financial stresses. 

Powerful Tech Ecosystem:

Montreal has a growing technology ecosystem with startups, research centers, and innovation hubs. Hence, Business analysts with an interest in tech can find exciting roles in this dynamic sector.

Quality of Life:

The quality of life in Montreal consistently performs well. It provides top-notch public services, such as healthcare, education, and public services, which may appeal to professionals wishing to settle down and start a career.


Montreal stands out as a promising place when it comes to business analyst salary. Montreal offers satisfying work as well as a comfortable living because of its various industries and expanding economy. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking about working as a business analyst in Montreal, you can be sure that your financial outlook is promising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any demand for Business Analysts in Montreal?

ANS: Business Analysts are in high demand in Montreal, especially in the IT, banking, and healthcare sectors.

2. Do I need to be bilingual in order to earn a high salary?

ANS: While bilingualism can be beneficial, many high-paying jobs in Montreal need skill in either English or French, but not both.

3. Are there opportunities for career growth as a Business Analyst in Montreal?

ANS: Yes, Montreal provides many opportunities for business Analysts, particularly those with advanced skills and experience, to enhance their careers.

4. Is a certification necessary to get a job as a Business Analyst in Montreal?

ANS: While certification is not always required, it can greatly improve your chances of getting a Business Analyst job and earning a better salary.

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