4 Major costs involved in your journey to securing a PMP Certification


What’s the cost of PMP Exam? $I could give you $555 for a one-word answer, but what does the cost of the PMP Exam encompasses? Is $555 all you need to take the PMP Exam?   If you ask, no, you will have several more components to secure a PMP Certification. Let us therefore discuss the exact costs of the PMP Exam with these 4 major components.

PMP Exam Cost is an overall cost of the 35-hour project management training, a PMP exam fee, a PMI membership fee (optional) and other PMP Exam prep (optional) expenses. Let us explain all aspects of the one-by-one for a better understanding.

Component #1 – Training

You have flexibility and negotiation on this component of PMP Exam Cost. The cost of PMP certification training depends on the service provider, but also decreases considerably if it’s an online training program. There are three types of training programs you can have access to – classroom training, online self-training, and online – instructor-led training.

Component #2 – Examination Fee

Another component of PMP Exam Cost is the exam fee paid to PMI. If you don’t enter a PMI membership, you will pay $555. Whereas, you need to pay $405 if you’re a PMI member.

Component #3 – PMI Membership Fee

You pay $139 for your one-year membership to become a member. In the PMP Exam Cost, the examination fee is the part where it does not change to your location, and remains constant. If you are a member, you can save around $10, but you can apply this to the local PMI chapter as a fee.

Component #4 – Resource Cost

If you plan to purchase some PMP Study Guide, which you most probably have to – that will add to the final PMP Exam cost.  In addition, the costs differ according to whether a soft or a hard copy is used. In addition, this PMP Exam cost aspect will differ according to the writer, publisher, online edition, etc.

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