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Are you an ambitious project manager aiming to gain expertise, recognition and authority in the field? PMI PMP certification is the ideal credential for you. Being a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP) education edge ensures that you get the absolute best PMP training and ace your PMP certification exam. 

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is indispensable for anyone seeking growth in project management. Besides prestige and recognition, PMP® certified Project Managers enjoy a 20% higher median salary than their non-certified peers. 

Earning the PMP certification will guarantee your promotion, and exponentially increase your demand in the industry. More importantly, it will train you to work smarter by utilizing all project methodologies: Agile, Predictive/ waterfall, and Hybrid. 

Education Edge believes in thorough and progressive learning. With a 100% pass rate, you guarantee your PMP certification once you enroll with us!

The PMI PMP certification is specially designed for experienced professionals with a significant amount of project management experience. While the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is an entry-level certification, the PMI PMP certificate acknowledges and validates an experienced individual adept in project management processes, business environment, and soft skills, indispensable for a successful project. It guarantees exponential career growth, competitive salary and makes one in-demand globally.

Who Can Apply?

To be qualified to take the PMI PMP exam, the applicant must satisfy the following prerequisites.

In case of a 4 year degree, you must have:

Project management experience Project management training/education

3 years or 36 months

35 hours of training or CAPM

In case of a high-school diploma, you must have:

Project management experience Project management training/education

5 years or 60 months

35 hours of training or CAPM

The 35 hours of mandatory professional project management education can be achieved by the following ways:

  • Training with the PMI ATPs or Authorized Training Partners. Education Edge is a PMI ATP (#4456) with a 100% pass rate.
  • A university or college program or course in project management 

In case of academic programs, only the hours spent on learning about project management are counted towards the qualifying 35 hours. The duration of the complete program is not counted unless the entire academic program is dedicated to project management.

How to Apply?

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility.

The first step to applying for PMI PMP certification is to ensure that you are eligible to take the exam. 

Step 2: Provide academic and professional details: within 90 days

Once you are eligible, you will be required to record your academic proficiency, professional project management experience and training. Once you have begun a PMP application, you must complete it within 90 days. 

Submitting a PMP application is now simpler than ever. We have designed a Do it Yourself template to help you fill your management experience with ease. This template is applicable throughout industries.

Step 3: PMP Application review: 7 days

After submitting your PMP application, the Project Management Institute will take around 7 days to review and assess your application.

Step 4: PMI Audit: takes 5 to 7 days 

PMP Application Audit is a random process. Education Edge provides all the necessary support required to easily and successfully pass the audit. Upon getting selected for the PMI audit, you just have to upload and submit 3 items:

  • Your professional education certificate (Education Edge provides that PMP course completion certificate, contact details for a reference (generally an email) and,
  • Your academic degree or diploma. The PMI audit is an absolutely random process and takes approximately 5-7 days. If your PMP application is selected for audit, you will need to submit:
  • Proof of academic proficiency (degree or diploma)
  • Proof of project management experience by contact details of a reference
  • Proof of project management training or course completion certificate: Upon successfully completing the PMP course with education edge, we provide a certificate of completion along with the contact details for reference, such as an email.  

You must submit all the required paperwork within 90 days. The failure to comply with the audit will result in a 1-year suspension form applying to any PMI certifications.

Step 5: Pay your PMP certification fees

The next step in applying for the PMI PMP certification is the fee payment. The professional is required to pay:

  • $405 USD with PMI membership
  • $555 USD without PMI membership

Step 6: Schedule your PMI PMP exam

Once you have paid the PMP certification fees, your 1-year examination eligibility period begins. During this one year, you can take the PMI PMP exam thrice. Failure to clear the PMP exam in three attempts will require you to wait for 1 year before retaking the exam. 

You can now take the PMP exam from the comfort of your home besides taking it at a test center. PMP exam can be scheduled any time. Book the PMP exam when you are ready!!

How to prepare for PMI PMP Exam?

Acing the PMP certification exam requires a consistent and thorough PMP training. The Project Management Institute (PMI) assists a professional by offering various learning resources as per his/her learning style and schedule. The PMI offers various ways for a thorough PMP prep

I. Train with Education Edge, an Authorized Training Partner (PMI ATP #4456)

Authorized Training Partners are institutions that are closely aligned with the core values and vision of the Project Management Institute. Education Edge maintains a 100% pass rate. We have designed our PMI PMP course in a way that makes the complex PMP Standard easier to access and assimilate.

Our PMP training sessions are focused on that 20% of the content that helps you anwer 80% of the exam. Our goal is to help you ace your PMP exam through not just hardwork but smart work. Training with an ATP like education edge guarantees that:

  • You train with PMI-PMP certified trainers: ATPs are always PMP certified and are masters in their field. This ensures high quality PMP prep. 
  • Instructor-led program: PMP training with PMI ATPs includes one on one sessions where an individual can actively learn and solve all his/her doubts.
  • A uniform PMP prep content: Training with PMI ATPs guarantees that the preparation material is in strict accordance with the PMI PMP exam content outline (ECO). The PMP prep course provided by all ATPs is uniform thereby ensuring that the aspirants receive the highest quality PMP training.

II. Use the right material and PMP mock exams

The PMP exam prep is now based on PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep and not PMBOK Guide. This PMP Certification Guide is only available with PMI ATPs. At Education Edge, we have a well designed, 7- weekend PMP course to support the professionals in earning the certification with ease. Our mock exams are close to the real exam and we provide over 2000 PMP exam prep questions. 

PMI PMP exam

The PMI PMP exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions and is conducted for 230 minutes or 3 hours and 50 minutes. The exam adheres to the PMP Exam Content Online (ECO) and consists of questions from the following domains.

Domain Weightage in %

People- such as managing conflicts, building and leading a team, etc.


Process- such as engaging with stakeholders, managing communications, planning and managing schedules, etc.


Business Environment- address and assess changes in business environment, etc.


Please Note: Although the PMBOK or the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 7th edition forms the primary source of the PMP exam, the PMI authorized PMP Exam Prep is the main source for preparation for the PMP training. 

Content of PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep: The PMI authorized PMP exam prep includes the following 5 chapters :

Lesson 1 Creating a High Performing Team: this includes everything from building a team, defining ground rules, to explaining and building a shared knowledge about the project.

Lesson 2: Starting the Project: This section includes the project methodologies to be adopted, planning and managing schedule, etc.

Lesson 3: Doing the Work: This lesson covers topics such as assessing and managing risks, engaging stakeholders, managing changes and issues in the project

Lesson 4: Keeping the Team on Track: This lesson focuses on leading a team, supporting and boosting the team’s performance, managing conflicts, etc.

Lesson 5: Keeping the Business in Mind: This section includes evaluation and addressing business environment, evaluating and delivering project benefits and value

How to stay certified?

We live in a world where project management is rapidly and constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes is extremely significant to being a successful and efficient project manager. The Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program by the PMI ascertains that the PMP certified professional is constantly relevant and competent in successfully handling diverse projects throughout the globe. The PMI CCR program :

  • Encourages and facilitates perpetual learning of the PMP certified professional
  • Safeguards the credibility and value of the PMI certification
  • Provides learning opportunities to the professionals and helps them stay relevant and proficient in management practices throughout the world.

Earning the PDUs

Once the professional clears the exam and earns the PMP certification, his/her three-year certification cycle commences. 

Within this three year cycle, the individual must earn and record 60 PDUs or Professional Development Units to maintain and renew his/her PMP certification. PDUs can be earned either by continuously learning about management skills or by contributing constructively towards the management profession. An hour of professional management training is equivalent to 1 PDU.

PMP certification suspension and expiration

Failure to earn and record 60 PDUs within 3 years of certification cycle results in a 1 year suspension period. If the professional still fails to earn the mandatory PDUs during the suspension period, his/her PMP certification will expire and he/she would then need to apply for the credential afresh.

Why to apply?

The PMI PMP certification is synonymous with expertise and acumen in the competitive and  result driven world of management. The PMP certification not only acknowledges and validates your management skills, it also hones them. Educating the individual on predictive, agile and hybrid methodologies, the PMP certification ensures that you thrive in all industries and organizations and are able to transcend geographical boundaries.

The PMP exam is framed by PMP professionals from all over the world to ensure that the applicant is assessed on the real-world management problems and skills. Once you are PMP certified:

  • You enjoy better job opportunities: With a gold-standard certification besides your name, you will be in-demand, all over the world.
  • You enjoy a significantly higher salary: It has been surveyed that PMP certification gets you a 16% higher median salary than the non-certified peers. 
  • You become a master in the field of Project management: The most important factor. Once you are PMP certified, you become an absolute master of efficient and successful project management across diverse industries and organizations.

PMP exam prep with education edge.

“education edge” is a PMI ATP or Authorized Training Partner. This automatically establishes our authenticity and premium standard of training. We religiously believe in accessible, simplified and progressive education, and focus on strong basics and concepts rather than just delivering the mandatory 35 hours of professional management training. Training with education edge guarantees:

  • 100% pass rate: We work tirelessly to ensure you get PMI PMP certified. From providing free mock exams, to giving more than 2000 practice questions, we leave no stone unturned.
  • 100% money back: We align our success with yours. Our priorities are simple and straightforward- either you get PMP certified or you get all your money back.
  • Train with the masters: at “education edge” you train with highly qualified trainers and coaches who hold almost all PMI credentials- PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMI-PgMP, PMI-PfMP and many more. PMP training with us is always an enriching and educational experience. 
  • Constant post-course support: We always go the extra mile. Our responsibility does not end with PMP training. We offer constant support with the PMP application submission and guide you through the PMI audit process if you get selected for one. 

Aiming to dominate the world of project management? Get PMI-PMP certified. Enroll with “education edge” now.

Domain Weightage in %

People- such as managing conflicts, building and leading a team, etc.


Process- such as engaging with stakeholders, managing communications, planning and managing schedules, etc.


Business Environment- address and assess changes in business environment, etc.