To become a successful IT project manager few qualities must be required

The following are the key qualities shared by effective project managers such as:

1. Successful project management requires excellent leadership skills on the part of the project manager

2. Effective project management necessitates clear and effective communication regarding the project team's objectives, goals, and duties.

3. Project managers must be competent to tackle a wide range of difficulties at all stages of a project

4. As the project manager, you should be able to access your team's skills and sign tasks depending on these skills

5. Enthusiasm is a key aspect of being a good project manager because

it shows your team that you believe in the project and have faith in your team's ability to complete it.

6. Being a good team builder might assist you in creating a successful team that works as a unit to complete a job.

7. Integrity, often known as loyalty or honesty, is a crucial trait for a project manager to possess.

8. Competence in project management can create both trust and authority in your team.