Nowadays, More and more companies are adopting Agile methodologies

It breaks down the project into more manageable parts, allowing the Agile team to remain focused on producing value throughout the project

There are a few possible drawbacks to not having an Agile certification

The first, and most obvious, is that it might be challenging to keep your team focused on the activities and goals that must be achieved.

There is no one to keep the team on track and assist them stay organized and motivated without an Agile coach

Another drawback is that the team may find it more difficult to adapt to changing conditions

They can also assist the team in adjusting their processes as needed to meet deadlines or handle unexpected changes

Without this professional advice, your team may struggle to remain quick and responsive

Finally, having an Agile coach on your team can help improve collaboration and communication among team members

Without an Agile coach, the team may struggle to coordinate its efforts and achieve its objectives