The project management knowledge areas are essentially what you need to know about effective project management

Here we will cover All the 10 knowledge areas of project management:

1. Integration It involves integrating what you know in order to manage your project holistically rather than in individual process parts

2. Scope Scope management is all about making sure that everyone understands why the project is being undertaken and what it entails

3. Time This ensures that how much time people spend on their project duties and how long the project takes in total

4. Cost Setting your budget includes evaluating each activity's prices before providing a total budget projection for your project

5. Quality Quality ensures that the outcome meets your client's expectations.

6. Procurement The purpose of project procurement is to get the goods and services required to complete the project scope

7. Human Resource A human resources plan covers all parts of a project management plan that relate to individual team members

8. Communication It refers to the exchange of ideas and perspectives among professionals working on comparable or related jobs

9. Risk Management It analyzes project risks, including quantitative and qualitative risk assessments

10. Stakeholder Management It will guide you through the process of identifying stakeholders and understanding their responsibilities and needs in the project