Tips to Ace a PMP Exam in Under 230 Minutes!

The PMP exam typically consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, and you are given 230 minutes to complete

Here are some tips to help you maximize your chances of success within this time frame:

1. Practice with sample questions to get a feel for the exam format

2. Divide the exam into three parts. For example- 1: Q1 to Q60 2: Q61 to Q120 3: Q121 to Q180

3. Allocate approximately 75 to 76 minutes for each parts

4. Allocate your time wisely, with about 1.5 minutes per question

5. Increase the percentage of right answers in each section

6. Always answer every question, including those you select for review, because you may run out of review time

7. Ensure these time-based milestones in the exam: -Reach Q60 at 1 hr 15 min -Reach Q120 at 2 hr 40 min -Reach Q180 at 3 hr 50 min