Master these skills to become a successful business analyst!

Having strong skills is essential to success in the business analyst career

Here are the essential skills including technical and soft skills:

1. Analytical Skills This includes the ability to use tools such as Excel, SQL, and data visualization software

2. Problem-Solving Skills You must be able to tackle problems logically, break them down, and give solutions

3. Programming Skills BAs usually work with data and relevant coding. So, mastering a programming language is critical for becoming a business analyst

4. Communication Skills They should be able convey their thoughts and points of view in order to provide solutions for business development

5. Negotiation Skills A business analyst must be able to negotiate in order to serve as a link between an organization's IT or tech and business teams

6. Critical Thinking BAs must be able to think critically in order to meet the client's expectations through data analysis

7. Decision-making A business analyst is supposed to give solutions that are helpful to the growth of the business