Atlassian's JIRA project management software was developed in Australia. JIRA is derived from the Japanese word 'Gojira,' which means Godzilla

JIRA makes it simple for team members and product managers to see the big picture of a product's development

Some of the key concepts of Jira are:

1. Projects: They are used in Jira to organize and manage work

2. Issues: They are tasks, bugs, and other work items that must be tracked and managed

3. Workflows: They define an issue's lifespan, including its state and transitions

4. Boards: They are used to visualize and manage the progress of project challenges

5. Sprints: Sprints enable teams to focus on a defined set of tasks and deliverables within a set timeframe

6. Epics: It provides a high-level view of the work that must be done and assists teams in prioritizing their tasks

7. Versions: Versions are used to track and manage project releases

8. Dashboards: It provides an adaptable view of project information such as status, progress, and critical metrics