Crack the CAPM Exam in First Attempt: Tips and Tricks

To crack the CAPM exam in first attempt follow these tips and tricks:

1. Understand the CAPM exam format, content and the types of questions

2. Create a suitable preparation strategy for the CAPM Exam and stick to it for consistent learning

3. Plan your exam schedule carefully to avoid risks when booking a time slot without a plan

4. The CAPM exam has 150 questions to answer in 3 hours. 15 questions are ungraded pretest questions and waste your valuable time

If a question is unclear, make your best guess and proceed to the next one.

5. Study the PMBOK Guide is the primary source of information, concentrate on critical knowledge domains, procedures

6.  Enroll in a reputable CAPM prep course or use online resources for structured learning

7. Maintain a positive mindset on the exam day. Relax and read questions carefully