Common Mistakes During Managing Projects & How to Avoid Them

The following are the few common mistakes during managing project are:

1. Mistake: Starting a project without a defined plan Avoid: Create a clear project plan that includes objectives, milestones, timelines, and the resources needed

2. Mistake: Ineffective communication with the team's stakeholders and team members Avoid: Maintain regular communication routes, define expectations, and promote feedback

3. Mistake: Allowing the project scope to grow uncontrollably Avoid: Define and document the project scope clearly, and manage change requests carefully

4. Mistake: Failure to detect and mitigate possible risks Avoid: Create a risk management strategy, regularly evaluate and deal with project risks

5. Mistake: Incomplete or inconsistent project documentation Avoid: Maintain organized records, ensuring all project details are well-documented

6. Mistake: Failure to meet project deadlines Avoid: Track project development and make necessary changes to the plan to meet deadlines