Time management is one of the most powerful and successful skills you may have in life

There's no way you'll be able to achieve your goals at work and in life if you don't manage your time efficiently

1. Set Your Goals Correctly There is a correct and incorrect approach to set goals. If you don't set your goals correctly, you'll lack proper targets

2. Set Priorities Effective time management necessitates a difference between what is important and what is urgent

3. Organize Yourself Disorganization leads to poor time management. So, improve your time management, get organized

4. Block Out Distractions First and foremost block out all distractions that create hurdles in your focus.

Make an effort to limit non-work distractions such as your cell phone, social media, or favorite online store

5. Avoid Multi-tasking According to psychological studies, multitasking does not save time. In reality, the opposite is frequently true

Make an effort to focus on only one task at a time by keeping your workspace free of distractions.