5 Exclusive Benefits of Becoming a PMI Member!

PMI advances your career by highlighting your passion to employers, coworkers, and the community

It gives you access to information, networks, and resources that will help you improve and advance

As a PMI member, you are entitled to a free copy of all standards published by PMI.

As a PMI member, you have free (online) access to over 250 project management books and a free membership to Book24*7

As a PMI member, you get free access to numerous research studies

You can join specific interest groups (SIGs) depending on your expertise and interests

After becoming a PMI member, you can join your local PMI chapter.

The local PMI chapter provides an excellent venue for learning from experts, exchanging knowledge with peers, and networking among professionals

PMI membership provides you with the tools and supports you need to make an impact in the industry