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Suchitra Hari – Congratulations on your PMP

Hello Folks, 

We try our best to communicate the success stories to everyone however inspite of all our efforts to keep up with the pace of folks passing PMP Certification, there are errors and omissions, and we sincerely apologize for having missed some folks.
Today I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Suchitra Hari on her great achievement. She was the second person to pass PMP Exam from the December 2017 course. Being the first few to get certified in the class is always a great achievement as the roadmap and the process is validated to other course participants and everyone gets motivated. 
“YES WE CAN TOO” is what echos for all others when someone passes PMP. And when you are the first few from the course you create a footprint for others to follow. 

For motivating others and setting a path to success, I congratulate Suchitra on her PMP Certification. A commendable achievement!!

Hemant and Dave

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