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Success will come if we stay persistent

5 years ago, I went through a bitter divorce and a settlement that left me with $17. It was this time when I quit my high paying job so I could sit and think harder about what I really wanted to do. Every morning, I would get up and put together a plan, “The Plan”. Most people thought I was done and dusted. During these times, I stayed true to myself, yet open to learn. I woked harder, and never gave up on my dreams, even when nobody else believed they could come true, I DID. 

Today, I own a successful company with over 150 consultants, one of the largest immigration firm in India with 6 state of art offices, and one the the best Program & Project Management , Business Analysis and UX academy.

What my failures taught me was staying true to myself, yet always be open to learn, working hard, and never giving up on my dreams, even when nobody else believed in me was the key. Keep your dreams alive and have faith and belief in yourself, your vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.

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