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SPRINT for PMP coming to an end

Great job Folks,

As we approach the finish line, let’s not lose focus and let’s stay firm towards the commitment that we have made to ourselves pon Sep 15, which is to be PMP CERTIFIED before the end of the year.

Kindly be advised that a score less than 75% is below par and requires review. 

Important – Whether you scored over 75% or less than 75%, our goal should be to review and address all the gaps from PMBOK GUIDE. If this step is taken diligently, the baseline knowledge after exam 1 will be the same for all the SPRINT Participants. Dedicating 5-7 hours on the review of exam 1 is critical.

Next Exam will be provided on Thursday followed by the third exam on Saturday. If you are consistently scoring over 75% go ahead and write the certification exam. For folks that did not score in the high 70’s must review PMBOK for 10 days and then write the certification exam.

Let’s get PMP certified before the end of the year, 2019 should be a year to get ahead using the PMP Designation.

We wish you the best!!

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