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PMP Lesson Learned from Sunil Agarwal

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share this update with you all although looks like most of you already know it (I seemed to have been missed out from that WhatsApp group
So, the update is that I took the PMP exam yesterday and was lucky to have ‘passed’ it (score – ‘above target’ .. lucky isn’t it?.. lol)
It all happened so fast, in the last 4 days… honestly!!
I had started with Sprint but wanted to take the exam ASAP, preferably in mid-August. I did not know that it might actually happen to me sooner than that. 
On Tuesday 24th July, I spotted a Sunday slot (seems rare) available for 29-July and I fell for it. Main reason, obviously, was that this way, I could use Friday eveningand full Saturday and writing test also would not require me to take any time-off from work. As such conditions at work and home were favourable more for now than for any later time. I was excited and wanted to put my “bestest” best in this last phase of this project “PMP Certification’ and just wanted to make it happen. 
However, somewhere, I still did not have full confidence and hence I kept this plan just to myself (my apologies to you all including Hemant and Dave).
Needless to say how I studied from Wednesday till Saturday evening.. oh gosh….However, I had a good sleep on Saturday night and did not even check any notes on Sunday before the test. I just wanted to dive into it with whatever I had learnt.
Exam Experience –
Test center is all well-organized. There were no issues. It may feel a little intimidating in the beginning but that is mainly because of our own state before the exam. Also, we were briefed well in the class as what to expect there… (thanks Dave/Hemant)
Exam itself was great. There were not many ‘very long text’ questions and hence I could keep good pace and finish all 200 questions with 10 minutes remaining, that I wanted to keep for the review of the marked questions (about 15 questions).
Questions may not have been repeated from the practice exam ‘in the exact manner’ but our practice-exams proved to be extremely valuable.
My conclusion – 
  1. Plan the test date carefully and intelligently (there are many factors to be considered as you can see from my experience)
  2. Have the concepts very clear (that was the best thing of the classes.. Hemant and Dave have done a wonderful job for us).. this is the primary requirement. Nothing else will help, as questions in the exam may seem familiar but answers are new and require concept level knowledge
  3. Do all practice questions but with keeping the right pace (don’t take excessive time during practice tests as time pressure is important) and then understand every wrong question why it is wrong. Keep a note of the points and discoveries, this little additional cheat-sheet will enhance the clarity of the concepts
  4. And, finally, the last but overall binding ingredient, is hard-work. This is the last phase, put your best. I just thought of “PMP exam only” last 4 days and forgot everything else… LOL
We all had great educators in Hemant and Dave who have done the foundation work for us. I am sure everyone will be enjoying the culmination of these big efforts in the first attempt itself and we all will celebrate our achievement together.
We can surely talk more.
With best regards and good luck to all of you !!
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