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We inaugurate our fifth office and continue on the phenomenal growth path. My mother has played an important role in my growth and success. I was born in a poor but VALUE RICH family. 

My parents due to lack of access could not complete their schooling  but they invested in our education as they believed Education is transformational and brings changes that create positive impact. Education is the bridge and the means to create true equality. 

One of my reason for existence and mission is to provide access to education to everyone. I want to invest into education In Asia and Africa. DAVID ODIGIE, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, RMP, P3O, PMO CP, CBAP, CSM, Hemant Dhariyal, Rachel Sidhu and Dev are working towards creating such an organization where we can provide this basic access to all. Elevation thru Education is our attempt at providing that platform. We do not seek donations to accomplish our mission. We want to do this ourselves thru our organization and our

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