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Great Story at Education Edge Continues

2018 seems like a year where we can not keep up with folks that are passing the PMP Certification Exam. Not a bad problem to be honest. 

The great story at Education Edge continues. We at Education Edge are very happy to announce that Haran, Natasha And Archana passed their PMP Certification Exam. We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate all three of you on your tremendous success. PMP is for life and requires consistent preparation, hard word and most importantly deliberate effort. 

Haran, Natasha and Archana, we are really proud of you and wish you the best for future.

For those folks who are planning on attempting the exam before March 26, kindly plan your time well and ensure that you remain on track to achieving the goal. It is important to dedicate as much time as possible towards PMP Preparation. 

Don’t leave anything to chance, Let me remind you  – PMBOK 6 is 980 pages.


2018 – 16 ATTEMPTS & 16  PMP Certified

2017 – 76 ATTEMPTS & 7PMP Certified.

2016 – 62 ATTEMPTS & 62 PMP Certified

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