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About Us

It’s not ‘WHAT’ we teach that distinguishes us from other institutions, as there are many that teach what we do. It’s the EXPERIENCE we give our students, clients and partners that has set us apart from others and those are the stories that has helped build our brand and reputation.

Who we are and what we believe:
We’re not Product-Pushers

We don’t have sales pitches, we have conversations. We don’t push our products or services, instead we share information, knowledge and provide the right advice and guidance to those that inquire.

Unapologetically Transparent

We believe in having open and transparent communication in a safe and trusting environment. We may speak candidly but know that it comes from a good place; we care and are invested in helping you reach your desired outcome.

Providing a Unique Experience

Providing a Unique Experience

We don’t need presentations and projectors to drive our training sessions. We can probably recite the standards by heart (sadly, not joking!). We take time to know each student’s name, their journey and their goals. We engage students through story-telling, real life application, dialogue and discussion to provide an enriching experience.

Mastery of Learning Philosophy

Mastery of Learning Philosophy

We don’t use this as a tag line, it’s one of our guiding principles – we focus on delivering and ensuring mastery of each pre-requisite knowledge area before moving to subsequent modules – consistently providing feedback, correctives & enrichment to help students not just pass the exam, but master the standard.

We’re a
TAD Cliquey

Unlike other big brands and universities we don’t outsource our courses for others to come teach. Why? Because we wear our reputation like a badge of honour and we don’t leave it to chance that others will always deliver the same experience and value to our students and clients – so you better believe we’re picky on who we bring onboard.

Our Team
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Justin heads the consulting division at Education Edge as well as the consulting arm Talent Connected. Justin in instrumental in creating our footprint in Canadian consulting market and currently heads the offshore development segment.
''True leaders are those who dare to dream and live to lead'' and Rachel truly embodies the quote. Leaders! Some are born, some are made! A good leader is one, who is influential enough to get others to follow them willingly. They have a vision, a dream, and the passion to pursue it. By the virtue of qualities such as integrity, dedication, fairness, openness of mind to greet new ideas, and innovation. Rachel forms the core of Education Edge and Talent Connected Worldwide providing inspirational leadership and transparency. Rachel has been instrumental in leading Talent Connected and Education Edge to one of the most liked and finest consulting and education organisation by cutting edge innovative ideas and establishing a value system that leads to excellence. Rachel has inept ability to understand the client needs and the focus has always remained on providing excellence to everyone.
Hemant is a passionate educator and Founder of Education Edge; a Canadian leading professional training institute providing Consulting Services, Program Management, Project Management and Business Analysis education. Hemant is well known in the Canadian project management community and helps new immigrants with guidance and coaching as a part of monthly seminars so that they can seamlessly integrate into the Canadian workforce. Hemant also spearheads operations of Talent Connected World Wide (, one of the leading international education, talent acquisition and immigration companies. Talent Connected in last 5 years has become a power to be reckon with under the able leadership of Executive Team with over 100 years of collective experience in providing exceptional services.
Natalia is the marketing and advertising head and provides us with all our marketing content. Natalia is the brain behind making us look savvy and slick. Natalia has an MBA and currently helping build the Talent Connected Brand.
Virendra provides support to Education Edge in day to day activities. Makes us look good by keeping us up to date on the digital channel.