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Education Edge Starts the PMP and and BA course –

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to Education Edge and congratulations on taking this first step towards PMP Certification.
The start of PMP course marks the beginning of some serious effort that is required if we are planning on writing the exam before November October 2015. Our job is to equip you with the right knowledge and make this journey easier and seamless considering all of us are working professionals.
Starting this week we will be sending out a weekly email, summarizing the chapters that we cover. Please do not consider these points as the only framework to study for the exam; this is just an “OFFICE READ”, a routine we want to get into. The goal should be to read PMBOK 5 at least twice. Considering the value of this credential, the time spent in next few months towards preparing and passing this credential may be all worth it.
Our sessions are every Saturday @ 9 am.  
The end goal of this program is to attain the PMP designation and if we stay persistent that should not be a challenge. As discussed in our class peaking at the right time is the mantra for success. The goal is to start with 45 minutes a day and take it to 1:30 hours a day excluding the weekends. 
Each week our goal should be to read PMBOK Guide for the sections covered in the class and go over our videos.
Should you require any clarification do not hesitate to call or email us (Text me at 6476209490)
Hemant Dhariyal, PMP, CBAP, Project+
Bold Attitude I Precision Aim
Achieving Professional Excellence with Ease
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