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How do we get to our goals?

In the words of Pablo Picasso – “Everything you can imagine will be a reality”.

Just desire is not enough though, we must bring a mindset to remain productive with a unwavering drive.

Do we have a Plan?
A plan must consider our constraints or reality. A plan should be sustainable otherwise the motivation will slowly subside and the goals will become unattainable.

Most of us have access to similar resources, I guess the difference is our constraints. Some of us seems to be doing a better job at managing the constraints and for some us us the constraints are becoming barriers.

So what can we do to balance the constraints?
Let’s “De-Clutter” and liberate time. Let’s identify the non-value add activities that fill our days.

De-cluttering though can be painful, then when has change been easy? All of us have a tendency to resist it in the beginning but soon with so many value added actions filling up these non value add periods, you will find yourself surrounded by self-fulfillment, which in turn will lead to – You, Only Better!!

Your life is your story, and it is made up of time. If we are not using our time well, we are actually wasting life.

Hemant Dhariyal, Only Excellence, No Compromise

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