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Week 2 Message to Sep 14 2019 PMP Exam Prep Participants at Education Edge Canada – A PMI REP and IIBA EEP

At this time in the course, it is critical that we keep an eye on the end goal of getting PMP Certified before November End – 2019 ;). We must stay motivated and focused and direct our actions towards realizing this goal.

PMBOK Guide will not be getting any easier soon, however, if we stay on course, stay persistent and remain patient, this complex reality will simplify itself. Thinking this is heavy content, too complex or any other negative ideas are distractions and will steer you away from the goal.

I question myself every time I feel overwhelmed or when I am in doubt. Trust me, each time I do this, I find myself taking one another step towards my goal. I increase my productivity by identifying tasks that are non-value add in my life. Action is the key, deliberate action, directed action towards specific goal. One goal at a time.

Self improvement is the key to achieving a greater state. That greater state is an outcome of our application of knowledge. And make no mistake, the only way to gain knowledge is when we invest our resources such as time towards learning.

Hemant Dhariyal – Bold Attitude, Definitive Aim

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