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At Education Edge, we continue to provide support to all the folks even after PMP Course is over. Next 40 days or so after the course are critical to our success and using our time wisely is important.

Some tips for success:

1. We must Go Over PMBOK GUIDE. PMBOK GUIDE is the key to success.
2. Blog is a great read while you are sitting in the office, let’s say, for example, in a meeting and you are not required to pay attention. Use that time to review the blog.
3. BLOG is not an alternative to PMBOK. Won’t that be nice if it was so easy 😉
4. Please be PRODUCTIVE – productivity is your intent to use you time, energy and intellect to maximize positive outcomes.
5. Learning is a process not an event so I strongly recommend everyone to start enjoying the experience.
6. Very Important – Use the Copy ALL, if everyone benefits from your question.

If we have the momentum and time on our side, does it matter if we read 20, 30 or 40 pages in a day. Let’s study as much as you can, I believe best learning happens when we are not reading PMBOK but going over what we covered.

Happy Studying Folks!!

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