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Congratulations to all 11 of you for having passed your PMP Certification.

Johana Gimon, EIT, PMP Ana Valdivia, PhD, PMP Vandana Aravind PMP® Nancy Arora, PMP® CSM® Tarandeep Sabharwal, PMP, M.Sc. Manmeet Dhaliwal, MMI, PMP Torera Afolayan, PMP Bernard Sarfo Shalini Fernandes @Anthony Sousa

Spectacular achievement!! I have always believed in taking challenges and no matter how big the challenge is, folks like yourself will always stand out. For working as hard as you did in the last couple of months (course followed by the sprint), now your efforts have paid off and have been duly rewarded.

It is the folks like yourself that make our MISSION COME ALIVE!!

I have a simple and single mission in life, pushing the limitation always; I must say your achievement is the result of your efforts. All the hardwork, discipline, dedication and practice we put in never goes waste, if put in the right direction it does have a destination, which is success.

Let’s celebrate your success! Continue breaking your own records.

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