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Congratulations to Kirisha Parikh, Shabi Ahmed Sadiq, PEng. Rahul Nair Alexis Corrieras Hamza I. Amna Chaudhry Linamaria Cottano Rahul Joshi, CSM®

Congratulations to Lionel D’Souza PMP, PgMP, PMI-ACP and Rotimi Omoni on your PMP, PMI – ACP Certification.

The PMP and the PMI ACP success stories and the march continues and in 2020, we now have over 500 folks (506 to be precise) who have passed the PMP exam as of now.

Congratulations to all of you as with each success story the belief is further strengthened that hard work is the key and goal without a plan or vice versa in a futile endeavor.

As I always say this is a mere milestone to a greater destination!!!

What a great way to wrap up 2020.

For those who are writing the exam soon – Let’s keep moving forward folks and continue our pursuit of PMP. Let us not get stressed or anxious as you have put in the time and the outcome will be favourable.

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